Airlie innovator creates life saving rescue vessel

whitso jetcat

An Airlie Beach designer and boat builder has unveiled a six metre rescue catamaran, in the hope that the vessel will help to save lives.

Dubbed the Jetcat, the vessel is globally unique as it uses jet units rather than propeller power.

Creator, Steve Jandt, gave a demonstration of his prototype in Cannonvale this week, to show off its benefits, especially for rescue efforts in flood waters and harsh conditions.

He says trials by SES workers and VMR volunteers were successful and hopes to make many more.

The prototype for the vessel has had keen emergency service feedback along the way and has since received glowing reviews from the emergency response industry.

“I’ve shown a lot of people this boat, and the response from emergency services workers in the field is ‘when can we have one’,” Mr Jandt said.

“It’s received 100% endorsement and the SES has even given me a letter of recommendation for the Jetcat.”

The Jetcat could help to save lives, even in the face of extreme conditions characteristic of our tropical coastal conditions.

“It’s stable, it can be deployed in floodwaters and it’s extremely maneuverable so you can get it into really tight places,” he said.

Mr Jandt hopes to spread the message of this potentially life saving vehicle to decision makers in Brisbane and further onto the rest of the country.

He hopes it will become an asset to emergency services workers nationally.

“It can be used for a lot of different operational activities and I would like to see this out there saving people’s lives,” Mr Jandt said.

Federal Member for Dawson George Christensen attended the demonstration, and said he has written to the State Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services Bill Byrne to ask him to facilitate a demonstration of the Jetcat in Brisbane.

“This is an opportunity which has significant lifesaving benefits,” Mr Christensen said.

“When faced with a slowing of work for his custom-designed catamarans, [Steve] took something he’s had on the drawing board for a long time and turned it into a new opportunity,” he said.