Bowen Welcomes Thousands

Bowen’s official Walk to the Lighthouse has been hailed a huge success as close to 2000 visitors and locals gathered to make the pilgrimage to North Head Island.

Bowen Walk to the Lighthouse
Walkers were treated to a glorious Whitsundays winter day for the event with shimmering water and a wide array of local sea life. At North Head Island the short climb to the Lighthouse revealed delightful views to Gloucester Island and the occasional sea turtle checking out the action.

Following the walk many visitors remained at Dalrymple Point to enjoy live music, a pop-up bar, grazing platters and one of Bowen’s famous sunsets. Seagulls Junior Rugby League Club provided tap beer and white wine, selling a total of five kegs of beer.

Bowen Tourism and Business chairman Jonathan Freeman says the successful event was the result of a combined effort between several businesses and groups in Bowen.

“The unique nature of Bowen’s Walk to the Lighthouse has gained national attention over the past six months and we were determined to create a great atmosphere following the walk for our visitors.”

“Without the cooperation of several businesses we would not have been able to treat both visitors to Bowen and our local community. We’d like to thank all involved, and we’re excited to see the event grow and improve in 2019”.

Tourism Whitsundays General Manager Tash Wheeler also attended the event and was impressed with the unique experience.

“This experience has the ability to be a world class event that will once again put the Whitsundays on the map. Events where you get to immerse yourself and go on a journey are hugely attractive to consumers and this event could really continue to grow and develop to attract people from around the world and highlight Bowen’s beautiful landscape.”

Planning is underway for future walks to the North Head Island Lighthouse and discussions will take place with community groups on how the event may be improved.