Catholic school strikes won’t disrupt Whitsunday students


Whitsunday students shouldn’t see any disruption to their usual school schedules, with classes still running as normal during the state-wide teacher strikes on Thursday.

Parents can rest assured that their kids’ timetables won’t be affected at St. Catherine’s Catholic College, Proserpine and St. John Bosco Catholic School, Collinsville.

Administrative staff say everything will run as usual.

Teachers are protesting a 10 month long wage dispute, claiming Queensland teachers are nearly $7000 per year worse off than counterparts in New South Wales.

St. Catherine’s Catholic College is continuing their class schedules on Thursday as normal.

“To all parents, rest assured the school won’t be closed, there won’t be any amendments made to classes and subjects will run normally,” a spokesperson for St. Catherine’s Catholic School says.

“The strikes won’t disrupt the school day or any student.”

Townsville Catholic Education says that 25% of the teacher base across the region will be striking, even after the offer of a 2.5% wage increase.

“The schools of the Townsville Catholic Diocese are currently in a bargaining process, with negotiations continuing from last year,” says a spokesperson for the group.

“Catholic schools have offered a fair package to employees based upon a 2.5% pay rise which is above the CPI figure of 1.7% and including back pay, but they have rejected this increase.”

“State-wide negotiations are still being coordinated by Queensland Catholic Education Commission and it is hoped a resolution can be found soon.”

Independent Education Union secretary Terry Burke says eleven group rallies will take place around the state over the next few days and it’s up to schools if they decide to remain open.

“Queensland Catholic school employers need to stop their smoke and mirrors approach and try to mask the reality of wage issues,” Mr Burke explains.

“It is a deliberate act of Queensland employers to pocket the income and not pay their teachers comparable rates. It’s our last resort to take a stand.”

Schools will remain open on Thursday across the Whitsundays and will ensure minimal disruption to students during their school day.