Collinsville Begins the Clean Up

Police and emergency services have expressed admiration for the Collinsville community.

They say they are proud of the Collinsville communities preparation before the cyclone and community spirit since.

The town has suffered damage from the cyclone with the top pub, food store and various houses losing their roofs.

There is significant tree damage and the town is currently without power or communications.

Sergeant Matthew Pyke said the community has pulled together and cleaned up the town removing the iron and debris from the road.

“People should still be cautious of dangerous items and live wires as services are restored,” Sergeant Pyke said.

“There has been significant rain this afternoon and people are reminded to avoid unnecessary travel.”

“There are enough jobs for emergency crews to attend to without having to rescue people who can’t follow the simple rule: If it’s flooded, forget it.”

Rivers and creeks levels will continue to fluctuate with the rain. People are reminded that the road may be washed away or logs may be submerged on the road. So stay out of flooded roads.