Free mulch to made be available in Proserpine


Residents will be able to access free mulch from a stockpile in Proserpine following Tropical Cyclone Debbie.

From Friday 20 October to Monday 23 October between 7:30 am and 4pm mulch will be available from Kelsey Creek Landfill at no charge. A loader will be on site to load the mulch into vehicles.

Mayor Andrew Willcox says the delay in releasing the mulch to the public was to ensure the mulch had reached 65 degrees over a number of days so that decontamination could take place.

Council also delayed releasing this mulch because of operations on site in the vicinity of the mulch stockpile.

When collecting, Council asks residents to be aware of the following:

• Council will have machinery in place to assist with loading

• Residents are requested to cover their loads upon leaving the sites and refusal to do so may lead to free mulch being denied

• Council will not be held liable for inconsistent mulch quality or any impact once collected by the resident.

• Council asks for your patience while Council’s contractors load the vehicles in front

The stockpiles will be monitored as the community takes delivery and Council will provide updates as to whether a site will be closed or collection times extended.