Hard-hitting Message for Year 12 students, Bowen

 Paul Walker with School Leaders, Kaylah and Sam.

Paul Walker with School Leaders, Kaylah and Sam.

Imagine the emotion surrounding the loss of a son…

Imagine the pain knowing that he had been taken from you by a senseless act of violence.

Now imagine travelling all over the state of Queensland and reliving this experience for the benefit of school children, in the hope of educating them to avoid the type of situation that took your 15-year-old son’s life.

This lifestyle is a reality for Paul Walker, who visited Bowen State High School today to speak to the Grade 12 cohort about youth violence. The program, presented in conjunction with our very own Sergeant Nigel Dalton from Mackay, is aptly called Walk Away Chill Out.

Paul spoke candidly about the circumstances surrounding the death of his son Matthew as he was leaving a party.

He told students about the senseless act of violence by another teenager that resulted in horrific head injuries to Matthew, and ultimately his death in hospital the next day.

Senior Constable Ross Petersen says Paul’s story is a stark reminder that life is fragile.

“He implored students to think of the consequences of their actions before acting in a violent manner towards another person.”

Sergeant Dalton then spoke to students about the laws regarding violent conduct, and provided strategies to prevent violent behaviour when they see it occur.

“Education will always be the best form of prevention, and the Bowen State High School would like to thank Paul for sharing his story with us all.”