Hanging on to hope for Hillside Haven


Locals are pushing a petition to save Hillside Haven, Collinsville’s only aged care facility.

The plea to keep the elderly close to home becomes more urgent as planning begins to move residents from Hillside Haven to another facility in Bowen, potentially splitting up senior residents from their loved ones.

Relocation to the Murroona Gardens Aged Care Facility in Bowen that is scheduled to begin next week could be upsetting and distressful for the elderly residents who have come to call Hillside Haven home.

According to the petition, one of the residents will leave behind his wife who lives in Collinsville and visits him at Hillside whilst waiting to move there herself.

The local facility is due to close in April after owner D & R Community Services went into receivership last year, facing almost $2 million in debt.

Locals are calling on the government to provide the money needed to save the facility, which has been home to many Collinsville residents over the years.

The treasured community facility was built in 1992 off the back of local fundraising through lamington drives, cake stalls, fetes, raffles and more.

The petition now has over 2000 signatures, all of which are testament to the importance of the local aged care home.

For more information visit the Save Hillside Haven Facebook page or sign the petition.