I’ll take that! Identity theft, Bowen

A timely warning from Police after a Bowen resident’s identification details have been stolen and the crook has used them to open a mobile phone account in her name.

identity theft
It’s gets worse…they then rapidly racked up over a thousand dollars in debt.

The victim became aware of the situation when she was informed she is now the holder of a bad credit rating.

Senior Constable Steve Smith  says we all need to be aware that thieves will go to great lengths to steal your identity details.

“But sometimes they don’t have to. Social media is the most common forum identity on which thieves will find accurate and up-to-date identity information on future victims.”

Her suggests we should restrict the amount of identity information which you share through social media; consider allocating a nickname as a profile name or even supply partially false information onto your account and If your children are old enough to use social media forums, talk to them about the risks of providing their full and correct identification details.

“Anyone with information about this offence is asked to call the Bowen Police Station on 0748 613 500 any time of the day.”

Also, Constable Smith adds that If your identification details are ever stolen and used to commit identity crime you need to report the matter through the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network – ACORN