Punishments Must Fit the Crime


The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) and industry members have called on the state government to increase the punishments for activists trespassing on farmers’ properties after an animal rights charity published the location and contact details of farms around Australia. The Aussie Farms Map … [Read more...]

Red Tape Reduction Revs Up for Farmers


The removal of outdated regulations restricting the movements of heavy vehicle agricultural combinations is around the corner with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and participating states and territories reaching a policy agreement position. The moves should see the removal of red tape … [Read more...]

Swansong for Another Ag Ed. Program


While the State Government scrambles to justify the closure of the Longreach and Emerald Ag Colleges in the face of widespread local and industry opposition, today sees the end to a unique home-grown program developed by the agriculture industry - To teach school kids about where their food comes … [Read more...]

Key Job into The New Year


AgForce says it’s now up to farmers….with Agriculture Minister Mark Furner failing to deliver the Christmas gift his industry wanted. An opportunity to save the State's agricultural colleges. AgForce says it will now convene a community steering committee to develop a plan. General President … [Read more...]

Government ‘Scare-Mongers’


AgForce has been quick to criticise the State Government for using 'selective science' in an attempt to convince the community that its heavy-handed vegetation management laws are necessary. The organisation says the government is ‘creatively using’ data from the annual State Landcover and Trees … [Read more...]

Sign Petition to Save Ag Colleges


The Labor Government must reconsider their decision to close Queensland’s last two remaining agricultural colleges or risk crippling impacts, according to Member for Gregory Lachlan Millar. A petition has now been launched so that Queenslanders can add their voice to the plea. “I have … [Read more...]

Hand Back the Keys – AgForce tells Government


AgForce has demanded the Queensland Government hand the agricultural colleges at Longreach and Emerald back to industry if their bureaucracy is unable to successfully and sustainably manage them. AgForce has acted quickly to save the iconic colleges after the State Government's surprise decision … [Read more...]