Pet Owners on Notice


As the region swelters through some of the hottest weather on record, and in the wake of the death this week of a working Police dog from heat stress, the RSPCA and Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) are warning owners that current summer heat is taking a toll on dog. At most risk are some … [Read more...]

Stay Safe in the North


Fire and Emergency Services Minister Mark Ryan is reminding Queenslanders to plan and avoid flooded roads as heavy rain continues to drench some northern parts. The Minister says as rain subsides in some areas and rivers continue to rise we need to remain aware that the Bureau of Meteorology is … [Read more...]

2016 Weather Report Card


In what cynics describe as being “like telling us what we had for breakfast” it is that time of the year again - When the Bureau of Metrology trots out its snap shot or report card on last years’ weather. Now the Bureau says 2016 was a year of extreme weather events It was wetter than … [Read more...]

Flash Flooding Expected


The Bureau of Meteorology those severe storms that have dumped more than 250mm of rain in parts will continue between Rockhampton and Bowen and we should expect flash flooding and some road closures. Sarina copped the heaviest downpour with 302mm of rain falling overnight, Prospect Creek recorded … [Read more...]

Don’t Let the Damp Confuse You


The Queensland Fire and Emergency Service remains extremely concerned about fire risk across the region, despite recent rains and showers. The start of the school holiday season makes that risk even worse. Rural Fire Service (RFS) Assistant Commissioner Tom Dawson says fire activity usually … [Read more...]