Positive Visitor Indicators

In the year from September 2017 – September 2018 the highest growth in local tourism has been in domestic overnight expenditure and total domestic holiday visitors and those numbers have Tourism Whitsunday happy but itching to do more.

Domestic overnight expenditure was at $651 million up 43.2% and total domestic holidays at 402,000 up 57.4%.


The latest stats. show the total intrastate holiday visitors was at 233,000 up a whopping 70.4% and CEO of Tourism Whitsundays Tash Wheeler says while the numbers are pleasing, there’s no time for complacency.

“It’s also important to note this data is an indicator for our region, compiled from a snapshot of international and domestic visitors. The total combined holiday visitation for domestic and international year ending September 2018 equates to 643,000 visitors which leaves 227,000 visitors coming for business, visiting friends & relatives or other purposes.”

“We also had noteworthy international visitor numbers with total international expenditure for the Whitsunday region at $215.9 million up 9.7% and spend per visitor up 12.8%.”

The stats also show International visitors are staying longer and length of stay is up .5% from last year.

Some of the regions’ core international markets were slightly down, they are, according to the data still producing solid visitor numbers with United Kingdom, Germany, China and USA accounting for 119,000 visitors in the year.

Canada was observed as being an international market for the Whitsundays to watch with visitors from there at 10,000 up 24.1%.

Other notable emerging international markets were Scandinavia up 7.1% and France up 8.2%.

MS Wheeler says that currently the joint Great Barrier Reef campaign is running through Germany and it’s expected to boost numbers from Europe in the coming 12 months.

The International Visitor Survey and National Visitor Surveys are also managed by Tourism Research Australia.

It samples a snapshot of 40,000 departing, short-term international travellers aged 15 years and over who have been visiting Australia.

The National Visitor Survey operates via the phone with approximately 120,000 Australian residents aged 15 years and over called and surveyed.