Red Tape Reduction Revs Up for Farmers

The removal of outdated regulations restricting the movements of heavy vehicle agricultural combinations is around the corner with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and participating states and territories reaching a policy agreement position.


The moves should see the removal of red tape by reducing the current number of designated agricultural zones, reducing the complexity for cross-border movements, improving agricultural operations across farms and providing increased support for drought-affected communities.

Assistant Roads and Transport minister Scott Buchholz said he looked forward to local governments supporting the bid to remove outdated laws.

“We’ve already cut red tape to make it easier for urgently needed hay to reach drought-stricken farmers at a time of need. These new changes will make it simpler and easier for farmers who often only have to travel short distances on roads to move agricultural equipment as part of their regular work routine.”

Transport and Regional Development minister Michael McCormack says local governments now need to support the draft National Class 1 Agricultural Vehicle and Combination Notice and update and implement the changes.

“Some of the existing laws around the movement of agricultural combinations date back almost 40 years and require updating.”

The notice will now be put to local councils for their feedback.