Safety first for dams and lakes

Stay vigilant and stay safe is the message for the thousands expected to take advantage of Queensland’s dams and lakes during the September school holidays.

Minister for Natural Resources Anthony Lynham says dams, lakes and weirs are a hive of activity for family recreational pursuits at this time of year.


“There’s nothing better than dropping a line for barramundi or having a barbie with friends but visitors need to be aware that dams, weirs and channels might look calm but can be dangerous and unpredictable.’’

“Risky behaviour, underwater hazards, changing water levels and ignorance of warning signs can combine to create serious risks.”

“At all times I am asking people to watch their mates to be aware of their surroundings when entering the water – including submerged hazards – and refrain from trespassing on private property adjoining the water way.”

Visitors to our dams should:

  • Keep at least 200 metres away from dam and weir walls or outside the buoy line upstream of the wall;
  • Read the signs – they contain important information about water, recreational activities, potential hazards, blue-green algae levels and no-go zones and
  • Stay aware of the surroundings – fast flowing water can be released suddenly from a dam, or weir and can knock you off your feet and pin you underwater.